Finished and Photographed

“Untitled” 16″x20″ Oil on Canvas I waited to post this until I had time to take a photo with my photography lighting and good camera. This one was done mostly with a palette knife. I still have not decided on a name for it, but that will come soon. Eventually this painting will be for […]

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An Attempt at Tidying my Studio

Clearing out some old stuff to make room. Here are a couple currently listed on eBay. Currently for Sale I’m getting tired of having to move things around to be able to paint. Getting rid of things takes time though so I am slowing listing more items on eBay. Seems never ending..someday the futon will […]

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Having fun with my new app

I downloaded Art Set Pro last night and took it for test drive. I really like the over all look and ease of use. There is a little tutorial at the beginning to show you where everything is. Well worth the 6.99 price. My thanks to Janetteartandwords for the great suggestion! Check out her blog […]

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Plein air – sort of

   I painted this recently while we were enjoying a long weekend in Tahoe. My plan was to go for a short walk and find a location to setup for painting. I had my backpack with my painting supplies and tripod all ready to go. Time was short and I was not feeling energetic that […]

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