Having fun with my new app

I downloaded Art Set Pro last night and took it for test drive. I really like the over all look and ease of use. There is a little tutorial at the beginning to show you where everything is. Well worth the 6.99 price.

My thanks to Janetteartandwords for the great suggestion! Check out her blog at http://artandwordsjanetteleeds.com/


6 thoughts on “Having fun with my new app

  1. Hi Abbyanna, I think your drawing looks great; so pleased you are trying it out. Such a great app! Art from this app prints up really well too. Thank you for the mention and the link to my site.
    I reckon your blog will be of interest to many – your work shows lots of skill and talent. As you may know I have a couple of pages and quite a few posts about various art apps and other apps I use. However, if you want to ask anything further about these apps or just say hi; you can find me on my facebook artist page. Of course I will be still blogging here; just in a quieter fashion. Anyway you would know that from my last blog post. 🙂 Look forward to seeing your future posts. ~ Janette

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  2. Thank you. This is an app I’d love to try out. I wonder if it crashed while you were using it? I have downloaded some really nice but buggy sketch and drawing apps. Your skill is immense, by the way. Lovely work. I couldn’t tell it was not done with chalk. x

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