Digital Pastel vs Standard Pastel

Another ballerina painting is in the planning stage so I did a small pastel to test out my color scheme and composition. This was a quick study done on rough pastel paper using hard pastels.

Ballerina pastel

After finishing the first one I got the idea to sketch the same image in Art Set app using the pastel. This second one is a little less detailed because I was switching back and forth between the app and the image and working a bit more from memory. The lighter background makes for a different feel.

Ballerina Digital pastel

I stuck to the hard pastel setting in the app for this as a comparison. I did add a darker background at one point, but I did not like the way it looked. For anything that requires deep colors I would switch to something else in the future. It was a fun test to see how the two images turned out.

My thanks to Faestock for the use of her image as reference.


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